Destiny is destined to come to PC?

Activision is seriously considering a multi-platform launch that includes PC.

This is great news considering the massive list of positive responses regarding the Alpha weekend for PS4 owners.

The gameplay originally looked pretty bland at events like E3 and the occasional 30 minute editor gameplay preview. This most recent preview changed my mind.

To nail AAA title FPS movement and action in an MMO is quite impressive and it looks like they have hit the nail on the head with this one.

Shoddy ports still exist, leave it to modders to fix the developers mistakes.

Watch Dogs is an alright title. While the open world gameplay through Chicago offers some pretty unique gameplay elements, what it lacks are the graphics we were promised 2 years ago on (now) inferior hardware. Fast forward through 2 years of technology advancements, an 8-month delay and some dulled graphics and it makes you wonder why PC gamers despise Ubisoft... wait, no it doesn't.

Now, the modders are hard at work fixing their mistakes. With titles like GTA IV, Skyrim, and now Watch Dogs, it's nice to know that there is some serious modding talent out there.

Star Citizen's DFM is live

Star Citizen's early alpha Dog Fighting Module is currently live.

It has a few new graphical issues but for the most part, the game is incredibly stable. In fact, it's doing so well that they are already inviting people into multiplayer, something we weren't going see for a few more weeks.

This comes as no surprise after hearing that the 268 person team has been making steady progress. 

Now... to find a joystick.